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René Jean Clot was born in Algeria in 1913.
Student at the school of Fine Arts of Algiers he also spent three years at the law school of Algiers.

Gromaire student at the Scandinavian academy in Paris.

He obtained at the Bernheim gallery the paint price of Paul Guillame.

- Exhibitions at Gallery Steibel, Barreiro
- Exhibition at Anne Colin
- Professor of aesthetics at the "Centre du Professorat" of Paris city's drawing.

From 1964 to 1988
He published several novels including Child hallucinated took the price of Théophraste Renaudot.
Exhibitions : Massol Gallery, Jean Pierre Lhemans Gallery.

1989 : Painting at bay (Ed. François Bourin). Price of French Académy
Retrospective in Toulouse

1990 : he exhibits at "Fairs in May" and "Comparisons".
1991 : Exhibitions – Retrospectives AMAC – Chamalières
1992 : Exhibition at Jean Claude Riedel Gallery, Paris.
1996 : Exhibition "Favorite", Espace Pierre Cardin.