RÜHLE RÜTJER – Los Canteras


Los Canteras



Oil on canvas, sand and earth

Annotated back « Los Canteras » 1989, Vincennes 1990 – N : 90/7


Height : 200 cm

Widht : 328 cm

Depth : 5 cm


This work is number 7. Begun in Spain in 1989 it was completed in the workshop at Vincennes in 1990. 

Despite its number, it’s not a series. Each painting is unique. This is related to the cosmic theme of the alternation of day and night (Cf. catalog Tag und Nacht, Erlangen 1991).

This painting is marked, according Rühle ,of the southern light.





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Abstract expressionist painter, mannerist tendency

His Andalusian experience taught him to break with the traditional techniques and materials of painting. He then used his fingers to spread the color or used various matrices: doors, shutters, fragments of wood, more recently marble slabs and tree trunks cut in width.

The material of his works is scratched, brewed in a whirlwind of color, punctuated by contrary movements from which are born in large formats, landscapes or at least a feeling of nature.

Extract from Bénézit, dictionary of painters, sculptors, designers and engravers, Gründ, 1999

The Center Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art has on deposit a work purchased by friends of the museum in 1983: painting n°66, 1983, 202 x 259 cm.



Born in 1939 in Danzig, Poland. Naturalized French since 1987.

From 1995 to 1963, he was a pupil of Christian Klaiber, himself a pupil of Matisse and Léger in Paris. At the same time, he studied history, philosophy and art history at the University of Erlangen – Nuremberg.

Between 1959 and 196 he made copies at the Nuremberg Museum of works by Konrad Witz, Rembrandt and Dürer.

Travels in Italy, Scandinavia, Greece, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Holland and France.

From 1963 to 1966 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in West Berlin.

From 1966 to 1969, he lived in the bay of Alpujarra in Andalusia.

He paints landscapes whose inspiration comes to him from erosion, volcanoes, deserts…

In his work, he plays with various materials: earth, sand, straw…

Since 1975, he has lived, worked and painted in Paris.

In 1978, he traveled to Argentina.

In 1975, he acquired a second workshop in Alpujarra in Andalusia.

In 1984, he married Amina Nabil, a native of Morocco from Meknes.

He makes frequent visits to this country.

In 1992, birth of his son Najm-Nathan.

Since 1997, he has been working on books painted in relation to the poetry of Paul Celan and researching the resonances between poetry and painting.


Personal exhibitions

• Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

• Krings-Ernst Gallery, Köln

• Kicken-Pausebach Gallery, Köln• AK Gallery, Frankfurt (Text Friedmann Malsch, Kunstforum)

• Stadler Gallery, Paris, regular exhibitions (Text Marcelin Pleynet, Text France Huser, Nouvel Observateur ) 

• Cluny Gallery, Cluny

• Galerie Médiane, Paris• Städische Galerie Erlangen Kulturverein

• Franco-American Institute, Rennes (Preface Jean-Louis Pradel)

• Besançon Cultural Center

• French Institute & Heinrich Heine House, Düsseldorf “Resonanz” (Paul Celan) 

• Ermita San Anton, Spain 

• INSEAD, Fontainebleau (Text Henry Sylvestre) • Galerie L, Saint-Etienne


Collective Exhibitions

• “Arte e Storia in Francia”, Palazzo Reale, Gênes

• “Vingt ans de peinture en France”, Mainz, Tübingen, Berlin, Luxemburg

• “Peinture, l’autre nouvelle géneration”, Grand Palais, Paris

• “Franck Konst en Ny Génération” Stockholm

• “Le style et le Chaos”, Musée du Luxemburg, Paris

• “Geschichte als Widerstand”, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf

• “FIAC”, Stand Galerie Stadler, Paris

• “Nouvelles acquisitions”, Musée d’Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

• “Amérique, Allemagne, France”, Galerie Krings-Ernst, Köln

• “L’art dans l’Usine”, Collection Peter Stuyvesant, Institut Néerlandais, Paris

• “Peinture Française”, Collection Ludwig, Koblenz, Büren, Hannover, Budapest

• Institut Français, Köln

• Foire de Köln, Galerie AK

• Foire de Bâle, Galerie Kicken-Pausebach

• “21 artistes allemands”, Musée du Luxemburg, Paris

• “Une collection pour la Grande Arche”, Paris La Défense

• “Art Frankfurt, Galerie AK

• “Die Farbe (rot) hat mich”,Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum, Hagen

• «Veronika and Peter Monauni Collection» Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

• “Nice to See You! 160 Works from the Collection”, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz • Mezzanin-Stiftung, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

• Mezzanin®-Stiftung, Art Bodensee 2015

• «Wunde n», Kunstmuseum Appenzell, 2016 – 2017

• Die Frick Collektion, Palais Liechtenstein, 2017