LIDICKY KAREL (1900 – 1976)



Bronze proof with brown patina

Signed on the terrace


Height : 48.5 cm





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Karel Lidický (17 June 1900 – 21 May 1976) was a Czech sculptor. His work was part of the sculpture event in the art competition at the 1932 Summer Olympics. He tudied in the studio of Otakar Španiel at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Karel Lidický is one of the most important authors of Czech classical portraiture, and his great contribution was also in his teaching activities at the Department of Art Education of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University, Technical University Czech Republic and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Arts. One can meet his sculptures in the cemetery of Vyšehrad, for example on the tomb of the painter Miloslav Holý, where he created a sculpture of two reclining women as an allegory of grief, on the tomb of Otakar Ostrčil, where there is a bust of this composer and conductor, on the tomb of the poet and translator Hanuš Jelínek,, for whom he created a bust of the poet, as well as a bust of the composer for the tomb of Ladislav Vycpálek. He is also the author of the sculpture of Sorrow on the tomb of his friend the painter Cyprian Majerník (n° 9-103).