CLEMENTE OCHOA – Bust of a woman


Bust of a woman


Bronze brown patina

Lost Wax


Marble base


Height : 41 cm

Width : 12 cm

Depth : 12 cm





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Born in Cascante, Navarra, Spain. After his studies in Pamplona and Zaragoza, he moved to Barcelona in order to pursue his studies in Painting and Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Saint George. He has been Professor of Plastic Expression at the Central University of Barcelona. 

We could say that when Clemente Ochoa is at the height of his productive stage in his career, he finds himself in his “third day of the creation”, of his Universe and his work. 

In effect, until now, three stages in the already important project of his work can be distinguished:

There is the epoch of academic realism, during which, dedicated to direct forms, he cultivates, above all, pictorial scenery and portraits.

The second stage takes us on to a “pyramidal” sculptures where the emerging of the immense is obvius, of the conquest from the ground. The immense torsos,especially those of feminine forms, are completed with small and lyrical delicate heads and the very large bases are decorated with spiritual delicate tracery.

A third stage is that when geometry and the abstract come to the fore. Now he treats the figures with an elegant style and dynamic forms full of gesture and life.

The work of Clemente Ochoa has been influenced by artists such as Henry Moore, Jorge Oteiza, Chillida, Pablo Serrano and the classical Mediterranean sculpture but he has moulded this into a style which is absolutely personal. He creates geometryc and abstract figures of stainless steel with elegant and dynamic forms full of gesture and life. His sculptures are plenty of splendour and represents the maturity of his work.

He has participated in a large number of exhibitions around Spain.

Abroad he has exhibited in Anvers, Andorra, Antibes, Asti, Béziers, Brussels, Copenhagen, Genève, Grenoble, Den Haag, Jersey, Jutland, La Franqui, Limone Piamonte, London, Lormont, Luxemburg, Monaco, Mont de Marsan, Moncalieri, Montpellier, Munich, Narbonne, New York, Nimes, Osaka, Perpignan, Paris, Port-Bacarès, Sête, Sulmone, Tokio, Toronto, Toulouse, Torino,Utrech, Yokohama.

Clemente Ochoa has received multiple recognitions and awards. Many of his sculptures are installed in public spaces in Spain, America and Europe.


Urban Scupltures

Overcoming. Bronze. Gavà, Barcelona, Spain

Creation. Bronze. Montpellier, France

Allegory. Concrete with glass fiber. Zaragoza, Spain

Bassiano Memorial. Bronze. Murchante, Navarra, Spain

Freedom. Bronze Zaragoza, Spain

Generation. Bronze. Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Malon de Echaide. Bronze. Cascante, Navarra, Spain

Transmitter. Oxidized steel. Barcelona, Spain

Homage to Pau Casals. Bronze. Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Escape. Bronze. Béziers, France

Triumph. Oxidized steel. Canillo, Andorra

Confluences. Oxidized steel. Encamp, Andorra

Olympic. Stainless steel. Castelldefels, Barcelona

Friendship. Stainless steel. Pas de la Casa, Andorra

Impulse. Oxidized steel. Madrid, Spain

Somebody. Bronze. Pamplona, Spain

Flight. Oxidized steel. Madrid, Spain

Landed. Stainless steel. Señorío de Bértiz, Navarra, Spain

Action. Oxidized steel. Lormont, Bordeaux, France

Emancipated. Stainless steel. Sant Rhythm II. Oxidized steel. Barcelona, Spain

Breath. Stainless steel. Castelldefels, Spain

Triumph. Bronze. Canet, France

Delivery. Oxidized steel. Cascante, Navarra

Migrations. Parc-Art Cassà, Girona, Spain

Vigour. Stainless steel. Paret, Barcelona, Spain

Reconciliación. Stainless steel. Tudela, Navarra, Spain

Birds. Stainless steel. Canet, France

Celebrity. Bronze. Pamplona, Spain

Bird. Stainless steel. Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Equilibrium. Bronze. Laussane, Switzerland

Shoot. Bronze. Madrid, Spain

Flight. Oxydized steel. Canet, France

Privilege. Stainless steel. Estella, Navarra, Spain

Cultures. Stainless steel. Tudela, Navarra, Spain

Meeting. Bronze. Pamplona, Spain

Agreement. Oxidized steel. Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Spain

Dialogue. Oxidized steel. Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Spain

Flights. Steel. Barcelona, Spain

Germination. Stainless steel. Dubai, EAU

Flight of the Industry. Stainless steel. Al-Qaiwain, UAE


Work in museums and in public collections

Modern Art Museum. Lanzarote, Spain

Vence Municipal Collection. Vence, France

Hispanic Studies Institute. Tenerife, Spain

Contemporany Art Museum. Villafamés, Spain

Municipal Museum. Limone Piamonte, Italy

Modern Art Museum. Tarragona, Spain

Goya Museum. Fuendetodos, Zaragoza, Spain

Studies Institute of Lleida. Lleida, Spain

Zabaleta Museum. Quesada, Jaén, Spain

Provincial Museum. Navarra, Spain

CAMP Collection. Pamplona, Spain

Modern Art Museum. Sumone, Italy

Rocsen Museum. Nono, Argentina

Fine Arts Museum. Zaragoza, Spain

Calahorra Museum. Calahorra, Spain

Parliament of Navarra, Spain

Provincial Palace. Jaén, Spain

La Rioja Museum. Logroño, Spain

Fine Arts Museum. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

A. Arduino Centre. Moncalieri, Torino, Italy

International Olympic Comité. Laussane, Switzerland


Awards and distinctions

Member of Saint Marc International Academy, Italy


Villahermosa Prize. Fine Arts Museum, Zaragoza, Spain

Artesport Prize. Bilbao, Spain

Napolitan October Mention, Italy

Ville de Vence Prize, France

Arte e Cultura Prize, Italy

Atenea de Oro. Torino, Italy

Targa Europea. Roma, Italy

Montpellier Medal, France

lst Award of the Xth Biennial of the Sports in the Fine Arts. Barcelona 92, Spain

Zahorí de Plata 1998. Navarra, Spain