NAT NEUJEAN – The Unique Moment

NAT NEUJEAN (1923 – 2018)

The Unique Moment



Patinated bronze sculpture

Signed on the wood base

Dated 69 and numeroted 1/6

Similar model reproduced in Nat Neujean, Atelier Vokaer, Bruxelles, 1986, p. 75, 76 et 77


Height : 105 cm

Width : 50 cm

Depth : 86 cm





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« No doubt the Nat Neujean sculptures were made in the studio. But in the open air, they are found as in the native state (…) Nat Neujean does not understand the relief in bronze. For him, the chisel and the hammer would be undesirable intermediaries, supposing the prerequisite of a vision that would deprive him of direct contact with nature »

Germain BAZIN from the Institut de France



After studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Nat Neujean works in Brussels and Paris. In 1960 he was awarded the Royal Belgian Academy for Sculpture and went to teach in Boston (USA). He then divides his time between Brussels and Florence making many commissions and portraits including André Malraux, Paul Delvaux or Robert Schuman. His works will be exhibited in Belgium, the United States, Canada, Holland, the United Kingdom and Italy.