Marble of Carrare and Bronze Sculpture

Carlo Nicoli Workshop

Unique Piece

Date of creation : 1985


Height : 180 cm
Width : 35 cm
Depth : 20 cm


Exhibition : Château du Repas, France





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Japanese artist born in Tientsin, China.

In 1943, she returned to Kagoshima with her family during World War II. She studied western style painting at the Women’s University of Fine Arts and created many murals at Tokyo aiming to unite art and architecture.

In 1973, she visited the United States for the exhibition of the mural of glass mosaic at New York Laverne Gallery.

She stayed in Paris for 17 years from 1977.

In 1985, she began to produce the sculptures of marbre at the atelier of Mr Carlo Nicoli at Carrare in Italy.

In 1986, she began to produce the sculptures of bronze at the atelier of Landowski at Paris.

One of the most famous works is “The Eye of Shinjuku”, created in 1970. It’s a glass sculpture that can be admired in the West Exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The central part of the eye Shinjuku is rotating behind corrugated glass wall. The eye observes the hurried passers.

His work is close to surrealism.



1959 Mural exhibition at the Ginza Yoseido gallery, Tokyo

1960 Solo exhibition at the Yamagataya Department store, Kagoshima

1967 Solo exhibition at the Ginza Okura Gallery, Tokyo

1968 Solo exhibition at the Mamiana Paul Gallery, Tokyo

1973 Solo exhibition at the Laverne Gallery, New York

1975 Solo exhibition at the Ginza Fuma Gallery, Tokyo

1976 110 Contemporary Artists, at the Central Art Museum, Tokyo

1982 Solo exhibition at the Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo


Commissioned Work – Murals, Reliefs, Sculptures

Nishi-Izu Dogashima Hotel

Shuzenji Tofuya Hotel

Kegon Hotel

Gajoen Mansion

Asahi Tatemono Head Office Lobby

Hara Ophthalmic Hospital Lobby

Ota-Ku Fukushi Sogo Centre Lobby

Subaru Meitengai

TBS Palais Français

Shosen University Centennial Museum Lobby

The Shinjuku West Plaza (The Eye of Shinjuku)

Kusatsu Resort Mansion Baden

Asahi Meguro Mansion Lobby

Castle de Repas, Normandy in France

Sun Field Country Club

Niigata Chuo Bank Lobby


Public Collections

Kagoshima Museum

Kameya Museum