GUO HUAWEI- Morning Serenity


Born in 1983


Titre  :                Sérénité matinale

Date :                 2010


Technique :      Ink and acrylic on rice paper

                          Stamp of the Artist lower right


Dimensions :  

Hauteur : 60 cm

Largeur : 80 cm




Retour aux contemporains



About the Artwork

Tao Hua Yuan – Secret Paradise

Whatever his condition, the man from the big cities struggles to find himself. He is on the way to wholeness even for the most serene among us.

Guo Huawei wants to share his dream story with us. This unique moment: the beginning of a dream is a moment of pure happiness. Right there, at the precise moment when the mind is freed; this is called Tao Hua Yuan. For the Chinese it is a personal celestial paradise. Finding yourself in a beautiful, quiet place, where serenity reigns is a common desire of each being.Tao Hua Yuan is a state of solitude far removed from any earthly constraint. The performer always uses a warm tone and conditions himself to erase all excitement trying to calm his heart. He transmits to us through his works his serene spirit and his vision of paradise.

The main composition is made up of stable dwellings, well attached to the earth, this landscape aims to be of immobile beauty. The river symbolizes the course of life, thus showing the contrast between the perpetual movement of water and the stability of the eternal landscape, image of the world of dreams.


Biography : 

Guo Huawei was born in Shangdong, eastern China, in 1983.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, 2007.


Selected exhibitions :


Liu Bolin, Li Wei, Huang Xu, Guo Huawei Yu Gallery Paris France


Eighth National Exhibition of Hinges, Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing

Fourth National Exhibition of Young Artists,

Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Beijing


Secret Paradise II (solo exhibition), YU Gallery, Paris

Back to the future, Espace K, Beijing

Inner Vision, Shengzhi Space, Beijing

Chinese inks and photographs, collective exhibition,

Jouan-Gondouin Gallery, Saint Germain en Laye


Secret Paradise (solo exhibition), YU Gallery, Paris

Gift, Pyo Gallery, Beijing

Chinese painting, Shengzhen, China


Contemporary Avant-garde Art, Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Collective exhibition, Base 1 Art Center, Beijing

Contemporary ink, Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


White collection, Art View Gallery, Shanghai, China

Collective exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


Chinese Artists, World Press and education foundation,  New York