KIM HAMISKY- Masque Julie


1943 (Sontay, Nord Vietnam) – 2002




Titre :                        Masque Julie


Technique :             Bronze sculpture with Brown patina

      Signed on the base and numeroted : 1/8

             Foundry’s Mark : Deroyaume


Dimensions :          Height : 53 cm

Width : 25 cm

Depth : 11 cm





Retour aux contemporains



Biography : 

Kim Hamisky is an artist born in Vietnam in 1943. Painter by training, Hamisky began as a lyrical abstractionist. During this period of lyrical abstraction, this artist exhibited at the Arnaud in Paris, works where the taste for craft techniques such as wood or sculpted lacquer appears in order to give his work an aspect of perfection. His paintings displayed a wonderfully flawless surface through which the background was visible, creating the impression of a tear or accident to the paint.

Over the years, key to his iconography was the modification of the functionality of objects as well as the reference to previous human action, as is brilliantly displayed in his famous bronze “Knot” and The Complex of Janus.

During the 1980s, Hamisky made a series of human heads, often using Japanese theater or the Art Deco style as a starting point. Its heads recall mythological archetypes as well as powerful magic rituals.


Bibliography : 

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