LOUIS CANE – Grand Adam et Eve accroupis


Born in 1943



Title :      « Grand Adam et Eve accroupis »


Date :             1997-1998


Technique :    Bronze

Signed and numeroted 1/8

Foundry Bocquel


Dimensions :

H : 135 cm

L : 100 cm

P : 95 cm





Retour aux contemporains



Biography : 


Naissance à Beaulieu-sur-Mer.


National School of Decorative Arts of Nice.


National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

National Diploma in Interior Architecture.

Painted his first abstract canvases.


National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Grand Lodge of the Prix de Rome for painting.

During the events of “May 68”, takes care of the Workshop of popular posters of Decorative Arts.

Meeting with Marc Devade.


First exhibition at Galerie Givaudan, Paris.

Meeting with Philippe Sollers and Marcelin Pleynet.


First exhibition of the Supports-Surfaces group at the A.R.C.

Meeting with Jacques Henric.


Exhibition at the Galerie Templon, Paris.


Exhibition at the Galerie Yvon Lambert, presentation of floor/wall paintings.


Development of the magazine “Paintings”, Cahiers Théoriques.

Purchased from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.


Settles in his studio rue de Charenton.

Start of work on the cut canvases.


Presentation of the review “Paintings”, Cahiers Théoriques n°10/11 published by Ghislain Mollet-Viéville.

First drawings on Las Meninas.


Personal exhibitions at the Louisiana Museum, in Denmark, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal.

First canvases painted with Arches.


Exhibition at Léo Castelli in New York.

Personal exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art of the Center Georges Pompidou.

Presentation of the magazine “Paintings”, Cahiers Théoriques n°12 published by Jean Fournier.

Invited to Dokumenta 6, in Kessel, Louis Cane exhibits his painting: “Saint Damien speaks to Saint François”.


Presentation of the magazine “Paintings”, Cahiers Théoriques n°13 at the Galerie Templon, Paris.

Exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Bielefeld, Germany.


Numerous personal exhibitions in Europe.

Exhibition at the Art in Progress Gallery in Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany.

Group exhibition at the A.R.C., Paris.


Decoration of the C.E.S. of Peyrolle.

Michel Guy commissions the poster for the Festival d’Automne from him.


Gives a lecture at the Institut d’Art, Paris.

Exhibition of figurative paintings at the Galerie Templon, Paris.

Settles in his studio on rue Saint-Maur. Rework the sculpture.


Exhibition at Léo Castelli in New York.

Begins the Deluge paintings.

Gives a lecture at the Beaux-Arts.

First designs for Homo Carnifex.


Publication of the review “Paintings”, Cahiers Théoriques n°16/17.

Continuation of the work on Manet and Greco, frontality and its folds: the Assumption of the Virgin.

Exhibition at the Maeght Foundation, Saint-Paul de Vence.


Exhibition of Carnifex at the Galerie de France, text and presentation by Philippe Sollers.

The painting was then shown in Venice and then in Yugoslavia.

Presentation of the sculptures by Pierre Nahon at the F.I.A.C.


Exhibition of the Floods at the Galerie Templon, Paris.

Interest in the biblical text.

First exhibition of sculptures at the Galerie Beaubourg, Paris.

Publication of Volume I of the sculptures. Classical sculptures, resolutely figurative.


Exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the Brompton Gallery in London, then at the Reckermann Gallery in Cologne, Germany.

Works on a monumental public fountain project: the Flood Fountain.


Exhibition “Les inédits de Louis Cane” at the Toulon Museum, an overview of ten years of painting (1977/1987), figurative and abstract.


Exhibition of Crucifixions at the Galerie Gill Favre, Lyon.

Exhibition of sculptures at the Galerie des Ponchettes, Nice.

Exhibition of Women at the Galerie de la Gare, Bonnieux.


Exhibition of sculptures at the Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Exhibition of Las Meninas at the Haranobu Okada Gallery, Japan.


Exhibition of the first Water Lilies in the Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpétrière, Paris.

Exhibition at Galerie Reckermann, Cologne, Germany.

Exhibition at the Saint-Roch Museum, Issoudun.

Exhibition at Robert Skalli, Fortant de France Foundation, Sète.

Exhibition at Casa del Monte, Madrid, Spain.

Supports-Surfaces exhibition, Château de Chambord.


Retrospective exhibition of the Supports-Surfaces group, Museum of Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne.

Exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Bellas Artes in Santander, Spain.

Exhibition at the Deutsch Belmont Foundation in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Exhibition at the Art-Concept Gallery, in Nice.

Exhibition at the Bjorn Olsson Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

Exhibition of sculptures at the Beaubourg Gallery.

Supports-Surfaces exhibition at the Galerie Le Chanjour, Nice.

Publication of Marie-Hélène Grinfeder’s book on “The Supports-Surfaces years”.

Exhibition at the Galerie d’Art et d’Essai, Paris.


Exhibition at the Statengalerie, The Hague, Netherlands.

Exhibition at the Galerie Hélène Trintignan, Montpellier.

Exhibition at Artcurial, Paris.

Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.

Exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Exhibition at the Westfällisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, in Münster, Germany.

Exhibition at the Center Municipal Loisirs et Rencontres, Clermont-Ferrand.

“Manifesto” exhibition at the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris.


Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Boulogne-Billancourt.

Exhibition at the Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzig, Germany.

Exhibitions of the Supports-Surfaces group in six cities in Japan and at the Denys Puech Museum in Rodez, France.

Exhibition at the Bologna Fair, Italy.

Exhibition at the Galerie Marianne and Pierre Nahon in Vence.

The furniture and decorative objects are presented at the Salon de Mars, Paris.


Exhibition at the Musée de l’Orangerie, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.

Exhibition at the Salon de Mars, Paris.

Exhibition at the French Institute, in Athens and in Bari, Bonomo Gallery.


Exhibition at the French Institute, Florence, Italy.

Exhibition at the Salon de Mars, Paris.

Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Cambrai.

Exhibition at the Chartreuse Museum in Douai with Daniel Dezeuze and Claude Viallat.

Exhibition of the Water Lilies in Chiba, at the Kawamura Memorial Museum, in Kurashiki.

Exhibition at the Municipal Museum, in Hokkaido, Japan.

Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Takaoka, Japan.

Exhibition of terracotta in Faenza, at the National Museum of Ceramics.

Exhibition at the F.I.A.C. with the Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Exhibition at the Palais des Congrès, Paris.

Exhibition in New York, Gallery 29: furniture and decorative objects.


Exhibition at the Salon de Mars, Paris.

Exhibition at the Jacques Girard Gallery, Toulouse.

Exhibition at the Patricia Dorfman Gallery, Paris.

Exhibition in Issoudun, Museum of Contemporary Art: “Angels and libello-tracted vehicles”, 1985/1995.

Exhibition at the Manoir de Cologny, Geneva, Switzerland. 


Modern Art Museum of Skopié, Macedonia.

Gallery Helene Trintignan, Montpellier.

Rachelin-Lemarie Gallery, Paris.

Personal exhibition at Tefaf Maastricht, Galerie Pilzer.


Supports-Surfaces exhibition at the Jeu de Paume Museum, Paris.

Exhibition at the Galerie Le rire bleu, Figeac.

Exhibition at the Piltzer Gallery, Paris.


“The Supports-Surfaces years”, Maison de la Culture, Namur, Belgium: January 15 – February 21.

Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi, Lodz, Poland: March 17 – May 9.

Palazzo delle esposizioni, Rome, Italy: September 5 – October 25.

Taidemuseo, Porl, Finland: November 11 – January 2, 2000.

“Decoration” exhibition, Tecla Sala Museum, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Exhibition at the Arkos Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand.

Reissue of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Painting.

The Threshold of Painting (collective exhibition), “Della Rocca Paolina” Exhibition Center, province of Perugia, Italy.


Supports-Surfaces exhibition, Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan: January 29 – April 2.

Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo, Brazil: June 4 – July 30.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: August 18 – October 29.

“Narcissus wounded” exhibition, Passage de Retz, Paris, June-July.

“Contemporary Nude” exhibition, Palais de l’Europe, Menton.

“Nativity” exhibition, paintings, Gallery 14, Paris, December 2000 – January 2001.


“L’esprit Supports-Surfaces”, group exhibition, Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’An, Shaanxi, China: July 19 – August 5.

“Flowers” ​​exhibition, Gallery 14, Paris, October.

Exhibition “Around Nice”, Marlborough Gallery, Nice, October.

Wallace Collection, marquetry, London, October.

Exhibition “The spirit of colors”, Gallery 14, Paris.


“A woman plays with Fly-Tox”, Galerie 14, Paris.

“Paintings and Sculptures”, Trintignan Gallery, Montpellier.

Supports-Surfaces exhibition at the Dorsky Gallery, New York.

Exhibition “The 70s: Art in question” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux.

“Libello-towed vehicles”, Gallery 14, Paris, November.


Photo-paintings, Gallery 14, Paris.

Exhibition “paintings, sculpture” Galerie Marlborough, in Monaco.


Exhibition “painting by Louis Cane” L’Espal, Le mans.

Exhibition “Stoning” Gallery 14, Paris.

Arkos “Paintings” exhibition, Clermont-Ferrand.

Exhibition “Paintings” Galerie Carnot, Avignon.

Exhibition “Nativity II paintings” Gallery 14, Paris.

Eucharistic Museum of Hieron, Paray Le Monial.

Pavillon des Antiquaires, Paris.

Citadel of Saint-Tropez, Sculptures, Marlborough Gallery of Monaco. 


“Itinéris, a via Crucis for Ofena”, Italy.

Exhibition of sculptures embracing couples, Las Meninas and abstract paintings on resin, Gana Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

Pavillon des Antiquaires, Paris.

Paintings: Arkos Gallery, Clermont-Ferrant.

Paintings and sculptures: Amini Art-Monaco gallery.


Grimaldi Museum Castle, Cagnes-sur-mer, paintings and libello-towed vehicles 1996-2006.

Paintings and sculptures: Hélène Trintignant, Montpellier.

Furniture and decorative objects: Galerie 14, Paris.

Publication of the Monograph: “Paintings 1963 – 2005”, Editions de la Différence.


Paintings and Sculptures: Amini Art-Monaco Gallery.

Art-Fair pavilion, Paris.

Backstage – University of Sciences, Nice.

Galerie LJ Beaubourg Fair, Paris: resin paintings on wire mesh.

Modern Art Gallery, Monaco.

Trintignan Gallery, Montpellier.


LJ Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Modern Art Gallery, Monaco.

Museum of Modern Art, Monaco (plastic swing).

Vendome Pavilion, Aix-en-Provence.

Yamaki Fine Art Gallery, Kobe, Japan.


B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Yamaki Fine Art Gallery, Kobe, Japan.

Art Elysee, Paris.


Tapestry Museum, Aix en Provence.

Saint André Abbey – Center for Contemporary Art, Meymac, France.

B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.


Paris Art Fair.

Helene Trintignant Gallery, Montpellier.

La Roche Guyon, France.

Ceysson Gallery, Luxembourg.


Marlborough Gallery – Monaco.

Mamac Nice – Journey in painting 1.

Ceysson Gallery, Saint-Etienne.

Ceysson Gallery, Paris.


France-Italy, Palazzo delle Promoter delle Belle Arti, Turin, Italy.

Art Paris – Grand Palais, Paris.

B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Supports-Surfaces… and afterwards, Beaulieu Abbey in Rouergue.

Art Paris, Grand Palais, B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Mamac Nice, “Hello Mr. Matisse”.

Ceysson Gallery, Luxembourg.

F.I.A.C., Grand Palais, Ceysson Gallery, Paris.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, “Arts and Textiles” Wolfsburg, Germany. 


B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

“Supports/Surfaces is alive and well”, Cherry and Martin Gallery, Los Angeles.

Support/Surface, Canada Gallery, New York.


Patricia Low Gallery, Gstaad, Switzerland.

B.C. Beaubourg Gallery, Paris – “Barley Sugar” exhibition.

Torri Gallery “1974” Paris, France.

Prada Foundation, collective exhibition “Recto verso”, Milan, Italy.

Gallery T293, “Barley sugar”, Rome, Italy.


Sainte-Croix Abbey Museum – Exhibition “Passages. Towards an inhabited abstraction”, Les sables d’Olonne, France.


Bibliography :   `

CORNEC Gilles, Louis Cane Sculptures, vol. IV – 1996-   2003, éditions Galerie 14, Paris, page 23