MADELEINE TÉZÉNAS DU MONTCEL – Naked woman crouching, hands in hair


Naked woman crouching, hands in hair


Bronze with medal patina

Signed ‘M. TEZENAS’ on the base, numeroted 1/8

Foundry’s stamp : Bronze Romain Bareuer


Height : 32.8 cm





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“Song of the Earth”

“The presence of a work by Madeleine Tézenas du Montcel acts like a melodic line: it opens up the space, animates it, gives it breath. In his studio, we are surprised to see how quickly the hand of this sculptor, by lifting the earth, brings out and sets in motion a form by relieving it of its weight of materiality. Both in abstract and figurative pieces, with strength and elegance this artist extracts from clay this invisible and mysterious power that gives life to bodies. »


Artistic journey

The artist favored bronze in his works of art.

Corresponding member of the Air and Space Academy (European), Official Air and Space Sculptor (Ministry of Defence) and member of the Languedoc Academy, she has always highlighted before, within his own artistic journey, the adventure of aviation as well as the great figures who carried it.



Madeleine Tézenas studied at the Beaux-Arts in Paris (Atelier Yencesse sculpture, Atelier Corbin medals) as well as at the Beaux-Arts in Rome.


Conceptual constructions

Also interested in technologies and new materials, the artist is currently collaborating with an Airbus engineer on the Hélice en mouvement and Concorde projects.


Realization of monumental artworks

Always in the same spirit linked to air and aviation, Madeleine Tézenas created monumental sculptures for the French army, such as for the monument to the French Wings in Salon de Provence, the monument in memory of the pilots at the General Staff of the Air Force in Paris; but also a bronze bas-relief by Caroline Aigle at the Polytechnic School of Palaiseau.

John Paul II at Compiègne high school

Pierre-Georges Latecoere at the Toulouse Pioneer Flight Museum

Saint-Exupéry (royal garden in Toulouse)

Monumental statue and design of Jacques d’Aragon square in Lattes

Monumental bust of Saint-Exupéry (Invalides Paris)

Monumental statue of Paul Riquet (Bonrepos Riquet near Toulouse).