Born in 1966


Trois  Mâts


Patinated Wrought Iron

Signed and Monogrammed Work

Located and Dated: Cannes – 2009


Height : 156 cm

Length : 120 cm

Depth : 55 cm





Retour aux contemporains



A visual artist from Nice, Nicolas Thévenin is the son of Sido (1934-1986) and François (1931-2016) Thévenin, two artists considered among the most important designers of the late 20th century. Their work oscillates between architecture, sculpture, design, and poetry, creating furniture pieces with sinuous, organic shapes in forged, bent, or sculpted metal, made for the “landscape houses” of architect Jacques Couëlle.

During his adolescence, he was immersed in an artistic family environment and learned the techniques of ironwork, boiler making, and dinanderie from his parents, techniques he continues to use in his works today.

Nicolas Thévenin began his career as a sculptor in 1991. Like his parents, he draws inspiration from the plant world, using organic and sinuous lines. He creates pieces in wrought iron, etching stainless steel, and wood.

In 2008, he executed a monumental door (2.8 meters) for the Cala di Volpe Hotel on the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, made of hammered and riveted stainless steel, fire-patinated and red copper.

In 2017, the Museum of History and Ceramics in Biot exhibited a series of his wood works with ironwork inclusions during the exhibition “Tables sages … Tables Folles!!”.

In December 2023, he created a series of ironwork statuettes in homage to his parents’ work, revisiting his childhood toys.