OSVALDO RODRIGUEZ – Helmeted woman


Helmeted woman


Polychromed terracotta proof, signed inside and dated 1985.

Work placed on a plinth with a dedication by the artist’s hand: For Atila and Leela with a lot of friendship, Osvaldo Rodriguez, June 1985

Height : 31 cm

Width : 15 cm

Depth : 27 cm





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Osvaldo Rodríguez is an Argentinian painter and sculptor. Famous for having created a historical fresco in eighty-six paintings: the largest painting in the world (Latinitas :  520m long by 3.50m) exhibited in Paris at the Grand Palais in 1984

Osvaldo Rodriguez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 11, 1946. His artistic career took shape with renowned masters, the sculptor Antonio Pujia and the designer Hugo Pratt at the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires from which he graduated in 1968.

At 31, the artist fled the dictatorship and chose a new homeland where he would be free. It will be France, with as a reference: Rimbaud and the cinema he adores…. He creates stage and film sets… gigantic works in Villiers sur Marne, in the North, in Saudi Arabia… He is exhibited at La Sorbonne, at the National Assembly, at Unesco… present in museums including that of modern art by Stutgartt, and Mexico City.