PIERRE BETTENCOURT – The Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Youth



High relief

Exhibition : Eriger la merveille, Galerie les Yeux Fertiles du 11 mai au 1er juillet 2017, Paris


Height : 263 cm

Width : 110 cm





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Pierre Bettencourt was born in Normandy in 1917. He devoted himself first to writing, typography, printing, publishing poetic books. He made long trips to Africa, Oceania, India, the United States, Mexico, the Far East…

In 1963, with his wife the writer Monique Apple, he settled in the Yonne in Stigny, where he will continue his work until 2006. He will lead there his literary work, his drawn work and his high reliefs, the obelisks being the last works in volume that he will realize.