PIERRE COURTENS – Croquis de femme


Croquis de femme


Oil on canvas

Titled and signed

Height : 73 cm ; Width : 50 cm




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This Brussels native from a family of artists trained at the Academy of Fine Arts of St Josse-Ten-Noode in 1942 with the painter Jacques Naes.

His many trips to France and Holland led him to settle in Paris in 1947, notably in the Montparnasse district where he rubbed shoulders with, among others, Oscar Dominguez, Ossip Zadkine, Mane Katz.

The encounters he made during this same period, whether Antonin Artaud, Guyomard or Jacques Villon, helped the artist to free himself from his classical training, and to express himself in a personal and unique way in a cloisonné painting composed nested shapes.

His creation has the particularity of composing faces, bodies, landscapes by a decomposition of colored tints highlighted by a black, white or colored outline.

His work bears witness to a personal fantasy that took the artist away from his classical training.

The artist “decomposes the figures and landscapes into flat areas of very irregular shapes, bright and free colors. (Raymond Charmet)