SILVINO POZA – Gaonera -Le Toreador

SILVINO POZA   (1926 – 2010) 


Gaonera – Le Toreador


Bronze sculpture with Green patina

Lost Wax

Signed : S.Poza

Numeroted : n° 2/6

Height : 39 cm

Width : 17 cm

Depth :13, 5 cm



Retour aux contemporains



Silvino POZA 

Born in 1926, Valladolid, Spain, Silvino Poza is an artist-engraver since 1959.

Expression of figurative language, using bronze as raw material and the so-called ‘lost wax’ technique. His elaborate works require extremely precise engraving. Silvinio Poza perfectly excels in the art of viewing a pose revealing pleasure and emotion to such an extent that he commits himself to convey not in a fugitive manner but deep-down. Never fading, becoming a work in its own right.


Books of Silvino Poza

POZA Silvino, Clowns, Ediciones de Arte y Bibliofilia (Grupo Editorial Casariego).