Unic and stamped piece Sophie Gallardo & Georges Cassan


Full height : 133 cm including 2 cm marble
Length : 90 cm
Depth : 44 cm

Table top : 82.5 x 70 cm


Inner dimensions « lower part »
Length : 76 cm
Depth : 44 cm


Made from an Italian desk from the late 1940s.

Birch bark marquetry and mineral inlays : stone, labradorite (inside outside), amethyst, crystals. The inside is enriched with straw marquetry and patinated silver foils.

The two doors present marquetry on both sides with an inner mirror to provide light and reflect the top marquetry. Rock crystal handles, Rain forest green marble from Rajahstan.





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Sophie Gallardo has studied interior design before learning wood painting restoration. She acquired ancient technics from renowned profesionnals. 

Sophie Gallardo and Georges-Guillaume Cassan chose to promote birch bark they saw growing in the forest. They then invented a unic and exceptionnal process to create birch bark marquetry.


Each piece is unique and its making can take up to three months. Gallardo and Cassan operate on fine furniture (from 17th century to 1970s) playing with bark imperfections, reliefs of the material to create graphic shapes and motifs. Mineral inlays (labradorite, rock crystal, amethyst) punctuate the surfaces as gems turning these pieces of furnitures into cabinets of curiosity.