EDOUARD SOLORZANO (Born in 1937, France)



Bronze with brown patina

Number 6/8


Height : 27 cm

Width : 28 cm

Depth: 13.8 cm


Bibliography :

 Reproduced page 43 of the Solorzano Catalog : Âmes de Métal, editions Gazteluna, 2011





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Biography :

Born in Saint Jean de Luz (France) in 1937

« I start from the human reality and from it I keep only few elements »

Edouard Solorzano, an unassuming and subdued man, synthesises in few words the search and the approach which have been guiding his artist life for forty years.

Drawing or modelling clay, the sculptor works and seeks aesthetic emotion, mainly in the representation of the human figure, the favourite subject of his inspiration. His sculptures cast in bronze, modelled in sandstone or bent in metal, often follow academic themes (the couple, the maternity or the nude…) They let augur, as Pierre Espil was suggesting “the harmonious softness of Maillol ,close to abstract “. In order to break away from classicism Solorzano also knows how to draw, from archaic or primitive sculpture, timeless and clean forms which give to his works a personality, a great vitality thanks to the balance and harmony of the volumes. By playing with the contours of the relief, with full and empty volumes, the sculptor reinterprets figuration as Henry Moore or Archipenko before him.

In each creation, form and content match with coherence, they are revealed under different angles and render perfectly the interiority of the exteriority. Uneasy and anxious, the artist works and delivers a bare figuration, with an intense expressiveness or according to his own words “he transposes the reality to let life reappear”.


Exhibitions :

1991: Galerie Espace Lorient – LORIENT

Galerie des Quatre Coins – SAINT-PAUL-DE-VENCE

1992: Musée de Guethary – GUETHARY

Galerie Art Comparaison – NANTES

Galerie Vendome – PARIS Galerie Méridienne – VANNES

1993: Galerie Velez-Guimont – SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ

Hôtel Lutecia – PARIS

Galerie Hôtel d’Anjou – ANGERS

1994: Maison du Tourisme – PAUILLAC

Galerie Hôtel d’Anjou – ANGERS

Galerie Art Comparaison – NANTES

1996: Galerie Imagine – BORDEAUX

1998: Grand Théâtre – ANGERS

2000: Hôtel de Ville – SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ

inauguration d’un Pilotari en bronze au Musée de la Pelote

Basque de Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle

2003: Galerie Art Comparaison – PARIS

2010: Villa Ducontenia – SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ


Exposition personnelle “Âmes de métal”

2011: Crypte Sainte Eugénie – BIARRITZ

2012: Cloitre – SARE

Cloitre – URDAX Urdazubi

2013: Église Saint Sernin – Brassempouy

Exposition personnelle et inauguration d’un Christ en Croix dans l’église.

Exposition permanente a Château de Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle


Public Collections :

Musée de la Pelote Basque de Saint-Pée -Sur-Nivelle: Pilotari (bronze)

Mairie de Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle: Couple de Danseurs Basques (tole peinte)

Square Laminak de Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle: La Famille (bronze)

Place de l’église de Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle: Homage à Gratien Adema (bronze)

Promenade du front de mer de Saint-Jean-De-Luz: Ama Luz (Bronze)

Mairie de Saint Jean de Luz: Hommage à Maurice Ravel (tole)

Parc Ducontenia Saint Jean de Luz: Couple (Bronze)

Couple by Solorzano

Jardins de la Mairie de Saint Jean de Luz: Pilotari (Bronze)

Église Saint-Sernin de Brassempouy: Christ en Coix (technique mixte)

Christ en croix by solorzano

Banque Inchauspe, siège social: Maternité (bronze)


Bibliography :

Jean Francois Larralde, Solorzano. Âmes de métal, Édition Gaztelua, 2013

Michel de Jaureguiberry, Patxi Lascarray, Gaizka Iroz, Marc Etcheverry, Euskal Zizelkariak. Sculpteurs basques, Éditions Arteaz, 2011

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